Frame to finish residential remodeling.


I'll work with you to design a space that is hard working, comfortable, and beautiful. To me, design is the intersection of form and function, not the prioritizing of one over the other. Don't sacrifice the things you want for the things you need when with a little careful design, you can have both!


I love my job and take a lot of pride in the work I do. From our initial conversation to that followup email 2 years after completion, 


full service

I start every project by addressing the mechanical systems - heating/cooling, plumbing, and electrical. I take care of most of this work myself, but I also work with some of the best mechanical contractors in the Northeast for those projects that require additional expertise.

Cherry Table


I designed this table for a small Brooklyn apartment, so that it would double as countertop and dining room table. The three drawers provide ample storage without interfering with diners' knees.

The front apron was cut from a single piece of cherry, so that the grain is continuous across the drawer faces. OnceI delivered the table, a 7 foot piece of white Carrarra marble was installed on top.


Curly Maple Bed



I love the simple high quality craftsmanship of Shaker furniture, and you'll see that influence throughout my work. This bed is built from curly maple and was stained to highlight the grain., then finished with an oil and beeswax mixture for added patina.